Located in the woods of Montello hills, nearby the town of Montebelluna, just 45 minutes away from Venice, Italy. Outside Inside is easy to get to either by car, train, or by plane via the Treviso-Venice airport. Within his comfortable rooms, it offers a peerless level of the analog recording, using a choice of several types of reel to reel tape recorders, other than one of the best digitally conversion technology and the facilities of Pro Tools digital editing. In decades of experience resident engineer, Matt Bordin recorded and produced almost 500 albums of artists from literally all around the world and from different music scenes. From American experimentalists such as Thurston Moore, Michael Zerang, and Jackie O' Motherfucker to Middle East cult bands like Karkhana, Konstrukt, and Hayvanlar Alemi, to Italian post-punks Fine Before You Came and Indie popstars like Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, to Blues Punk legends like Reverend Beat-Man to New Zealand Orchestra of Spheres and Delaney Davidson... and released by renowned labels such as Sub Pop, Fire! Records, In the Red, Voodoo Rhythm, Cinedelic, Holidays, La Tempesta, Alien Snatch, and many more. 





THE TRACKING ROOM is 60 square meters in size with stone walls, wooden floors, and ceiling.

It has a great acoustic response, natural sound, and reverb due to the irregular stones surface the floating wood floors and sloping high ceiling.

It's provided with 6 stage boxes for wiring microphones and headphones in every part of the room. 

Outside the 4 windows, you can see the densely wooded Montello landscape! 


THE ISO BOOT ROOM is 12 square meters in size with cork panels on the walls, sloping ceiling, and wood floating floors. 

It has mobile panels for amp separation or can be empty for live tracking of instruments that need total isolation from the other rooms or just to accomplish a different dryer sound than the big tracking room offers. 


THE CONTROL ROOM is 25 square meters in size and has a flat frequency response and complete isolation due to the special acoustic panels on the irregular ceiling. 

2 big windows provide easy communication with the other rooms. 






Outside Inside Studio - via Santi Angeli 4, 31040 Volpago del Montello (TV) Italy - info@outsideinsidestudio.com - +39 3397958561